In 2019 Lagarde received the B Certification as a triple impact company from B Lab, a global organization that brings together more than 2,500 companies in 50 countries and 130 sectors with a single purpose: that all companies compete to be the best for the world.

Founded in 1897, Lagarde is the oldest winery in America and the largest in Latin America to join the global community of B Corporations. 

Since its foundation, the winery has accompanied the production of its wines with a management model that promotes respect for people, the community and the environment. In each bottle, we honor what nature offers us through the earth, the climate and the vineyard.

The B movement is not guided by any particular ideology or person, but by thousands of people who want to work for a better world. The fundamental basis is the belief that companies can be agents of change and contribute to the solution of major social and environmental issues.

In a few words: they all work for an economy where success is measured by the well-being of people, societies and nature.

Respect for people, the community and the environment

Some of the responsible, strategic and proactive practices we carry out are:

Water is an essential resource for both our community and our vineyards. As it is a limited resource, we have put in place stringent controls in order to efficiently and responsibly use water. We have carefully implemented an irrigation system and wastewater treatment system that manages to recycle the water in a warehouse, and reuse for agricultural purposes on the farm.

We are committed to using ecologically friendly bottles for all of our wines. These bottles are lighter, which helps reducing carbon gas emissions (CO2) during production, causing a smaller impact on the environment.

We have a program for sorting waste at its source. Recyclable waste is distributed in zonal cooperatives for treatment and utilization, through the company LIME Mendoza, who are also responsible for the final disposal of unrecyclable waste. In turn, organic waste is reused as compost, to nourish the plants and decorative flowers in the winery´s restaurant and garden.