Olivos Lagarde

Lagarde’s olive oil comes directly from the beautiful fruit of the olive orchards that surround our century old vineyards.

Each olive is extracted at a low temperature before beingprocessed under the Toscano method. This continuous and precise process ensures the highest purity and quality of the product, creating a completely natural and pure extra-virgin olive oil.
The acidity level of our oils is less than 0.3%, which is an example of the excellence and purity of our premium oil.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a varietal when made from a single variety of olive, retaining all of the characteristics of that variety. It is a blend when it´s manufactured using different varieties of olives with the goal of procuringoil to possess a special flavor and aroma, with its own identity.

This blend is the result of a natural composition of the varieties grown in the La Jacintana orchard. 30% empeltre and 70% mixed olives, grown in the Jacintana (farga, chamomile, arbequina).

It´s an olive oil with its own strong identity, with a medium intensity.The aroma is powerful, and has afair balance of fruity olive notes, tomato and ripe banana, with whispers of leafy green notes.
Harmony and elegance from its body and stylish taste fill the mouth, while spicy and bitternotes can be perceived as well, leading to a long and melodious aftertaste.
We recommend preparing this oil with poultry and pork dishes, vegetables, fresh cheese, garden salads and fish.

This varietal olive oil has an intense fruity flavor. Very representative of Argentina, Arauco is like the Malbec of olive oils.

Strong in the nose, a typical olive scent emerges from the fruit, intense and long with pleasant green vegetable aromas, tomato, and green banana notes.

The flavor is intense and full. A plant-like aroma dominates, but shares with complex fragrances of herbs and artichokes. The bitter and spicy notes are very intense, which is typical ofAraucoleading to a long lingering aftertaste.

We recommend combining this olive oil with intense flavored foods such as game meat, BBQ meat, pork, fish, seafood and spicy cheeses.