Primeras Viñas

Lagarde is pleased to introduce Primeras Vinas a collection of two red wines, each of which is the result of the work and time invested in a special vineyard, their age and treatment. Their production takes between 16 and 18 months in French oak barrels, with at least 12 months of stowage in a controlled environment, resulting in great potential that can be enjoyed for 10-15 years. Only 4,000-15,000 bottles are produced annually.

Primeras Viñas Malbec: Is our malbec red wine made with grapes from our centennial vineyards, planted in 1906 and 1930.

Primeras Viñas Cabernet Sauvignon: Is our red wine made from carefully selected grapes of cabernet sauvignon from a few extraordinary blocks within our vineyard carefully chosen using precise viticulture techniques, that offer the truest, most distinctive expression of the varietal.

Primeras Viñas Cabernet Sauvignon Perdriel 2013

Primeras Viñas Cabernet Sauvignon Perdriel 2013

Varietal Composition
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Perdriel. Luján de Cuyo – Mendoza. Planted in 1992. Altitude 950 mamsl
Vineyard Structure/Yield
High vine training. Drip irrigation. Cordon pruning with spurs. Yield: 50-60 q/ha
Fermentation process
In stainless steel tanks. Pre fermentative cold maceration for 3 days.Fermentation with indigenous yeast. During this stage it undergoes daily
pump overs and delestages. The total maceration time is between 20 and 25 days at a maximum temperature of 30o-31°. The end of maceration is determined by the tasting.
16 to 18 months in new oak barrels
Storage in bottle
Over 15 years
ALCOHOL 14,1% TOTAL ACIDITY 6.18 g/l g/l
Tasting notes
COLOR: bright red cherry color
AROMA: fruits like cherry, pepper and other spices. Herbs. Notes of chocolate and tobacco
FLAVOR: the tannins are impressive, remarkable, with moderate astringency felt in the mouth, and a cool and vibrant feel
Pairing Suggestion
Ideal to accompany with red meats and hard cheeses like Parmesan
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